Sebastian/S.T. Veje

Sebastian/S.T. Veje is a writer and web developer from Denmark, currently putting the finishing touches on his first novel.

Born in the suburbs of Copenhagen in the early 1980s, he briefly studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Copenhagen and dreams of one day returning to finish the job. Meanwhile he spends his time writing stories and exploring worlds and languages both real and imagined.

Drawing of a wolf reading a book.


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Modern Provençal

Introduction to Provençal and other resources for those interested in the language. Provençal is a dialect of Occitan, the modern descendant of the medieval language of the troubadours, and is still spoken in the south of France.


La Masca by Guiraldenc

My translation of the poem La Masca ("The Witch") by Louis-Diogène Guiraldenc (1840-1869).

Modern Provençal

Major update to my series on the modern Provençal language. All previous parts have been consolidated into one document, including all-new content and improvements.